About Us

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services is a full-service Manufacturer of Oil & Gas Production, Refining and Petrochemical Processing Equipment. We maintain highly skilled Engineering and Design functions in-house to better serve our client base allowing them to run profitable and successful gas operations through innovative Process & Treating techniques.

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services designs and fabricates a complete line of production equipment, natural gas processing and treating units, production and test separators, and crude topping units. We can supply custom or stock equipment with a wide variety of operating conditions and sizes tailored to the customer requirements.

Based in Houston, Texas for over 8 years, Absolute, along with sister company Absolute Fabrication, LLC, continues to be a premier contract manufacturer of ASME pressure vessels, process spool piping and structural steel for the energy, petrochemical and industrial space. We manufacture to the highest quality standards in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code rules and vessels and piping and can be designed and fabricated in accordance with NACE standards as well.

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services maintains ASME “U” and “S” Certificates of Authorization for Pressure Vessel and Boiler manufacturing as well as National Board “R” Stamp Authorization for repair of code pressure vessels. All manufactured vessels are stamped and registered with the National Board. All welders and welding operators are trained and certified in accordance with ASME rules.